Earn your bachelor's degree for as low as 1 Lakh

with up to 75% scholarships on Emversity courses!

Earn your bachelor's degree for as low as 1 Lakh with up to 75% scholarships on Emversity courses!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about Emversity programs, admissions, and more.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Why should I join Emversity’s UG program, when there are other degree programs available at a lower fee?

    More than 1.5 Crore students graduate with a bachelor's degree every year but less than 1,50,000 (or less than 1%) have a job at hand by the time they complete the course. This means that for 99% of students, their college/ university is not able to find a job!

    On one hand graduates are not getting jobs, and on the other hand only the Healthcare sector has 50 lacs vacancies which they are not able to fill. How is this possible? This is because of the gap between what the industry wants and what most students learn in higher education.

    Do not risk being a part of the 99% ‘graduate-but-unemployed’ crowd. Education is an ‘Investment’. Choose a course with a ‘high RoI (Return on Investment)’, not a course with a ‘low fee’.

    Emversity’s program gives you a higher ‘Return on your Investment’ as you get a competitive edge in the job market:

    • Industry-focused Skills: Our programs are designed in collaboration with industry partners, your future recruiter, to ensure what you learn is exactly what the industry needs.
    • Our courses pay back for themselves!: Unlike other programs, our programs are ‘work integrated’ with ‘built-in income’, which means you start earning while you are learning! So, your course effectively pays back for itself!
    • You have 1.5 years of experience before the first day of your job!: Wondering how is this possible? This is because by the time you complete the course and are ready to join on the first day of the job in a hospital or a lab as a full time employee, you have experience of 1.5 years of rigorous on-job training in hospital and lab. You are competing with others who are freshers, so you are 1.5 years ahead of other graduates.
    • Not one, but ‘two Educators’ from industry to help you succeed : The ‘Master Educators’ who teach you core concepts are all MBBS Doctors, whereas the ‘Associate Educators’ are all Allied Health Professionals.
    • Bachelor’s. Degree Option: Our partnership with Jain University allows you to earn a BVoc. degree concurrently with your UG program. This ensures that you don’t miss out on the benefits of a traditional degree like improved employability, opportunity to pursue higher education and some government jobs, and international recognition.
    • Vibrant Campus Life: Our campuses are in best locations, offer state of the art facilities including a smart classroom, virtual reality labs, recreation and games room, cafeteria etc. There are cultural and student engagement events conducted round the year.
    • We ensure no dream is hindered by financial barriers: That's why we offer easy financing options through banks and financial institutions ensuring that no student is left behind in their pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.
  • The median starting salary of freshers in Allied Health sciences discipline can range between Rs. 18,000 per month to Rs. 30,000 per month.

    Performing well in your coursework and internships, working on your communication skills and personality and completing a relevant bachelor’s degree along with Emversity’s UG program enhances your chances of getting a higher package during placements.

  • This is a blended program where the first 18 months are on Campus, and the next 18 months are in a state of art campus with all modern amenities. Visit the Campus Tour section here to get a glimpse of our campus

  • Emversity UG programs assured ‘built in income’ are designed in a manner that they pay for themselves. We adhere to the highest quality of Educator, best in class Infrastructure, and bring the best placements opportunities for you. So, we DO NOT offer any discount on the fee considering the already high RoI.

    However, you can take the Emversity’s Scholarship Aptitude Test (Emerge) and win scholarships on merit!

  • You need to have passed 10+2 to join the Emversity Bachelor’s Degree programs. Depending on the type of course chosen, there may be an additional requirement of science stream. Please check the course brochure.

  • Yes. The UG Program is for both, students who are already pursuing/ completed their graduation as well as students who haven’t completed bachelor’s program

  • The medium of instruction of the Master Educators is English. The medium of instruction of the Associate Educators is English combined with the local language of the place where the centre is located.

Guaranteed Stipend & Internships

  • How much stipend can I earn during the whole course?

    A student who performs above-average can earn about Rs. 12,000 per month from 19th to 36th month, or about Rs. 2.1 Lacs during the course, whereas an average student can earn about Rs. 8,000, or about Rs. 1.44 Lacs during the course.

    Emversity is providing an internship guarantee of Rs. 1 Lacs during the course, or Rs. 6,000 per month after 18th month onwards. Emversity will pay you the difference between guaranteed internship and the actual internship you earn during the course!

    • A student needs to have a minimum of 70% attendance by the 18th month to be eligible for a guaranteed stipend - Take your course seriously!
    • Employers pay stipends only to students willing to work full shifts at their premises. Emversity guarantees you an offer of paid internship of Rs. 6,000 or higher, by the 19th month.
    • Employers deduct for Absenteeism - the guaranteed 1 Lac stipend is calculated based on 250 working days in a year, or 375 working days in a 18-month period. The guaranteed stipend will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis for absenteeism by the student.
    • Emversity’s will pay you the difference between the 'Minimum guaranteed internship, (adjusted for absenteeism on a pro rata basis), and the actual internship you earned during the entire course. This will be paid within, upon completion of the course subject to a maximum of Rs. 20,000
    • The guaranteed stipend is a promise of the Emversity UG program, and hence it is guaranteed by Emversity, and NOT by the partner university. University will bear no liability in this regard.
  • Emversity’s programs are certificate programs designed and recognised by industry players. Students pursuing the Emversity program have an option of pursuing a bachelor’s degree program through partner universities who have empanelled Emversity as a ‘training partner’ for their B.Voc. and B.Sc. programs. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds - industry-relevant training and a recognised bachelor’s degree!

Free Tablet & Student Kit

  • Who is eligible for a Free Tablet?

    All students who enrol in a 3 year UG program are eligible for a Free tablet and a Student Kit on the day of joining.

    The Tablet is branded with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer, and pre configured for the respective student’s profile. It will be an integral part of the student’s learning journey at Emversity as it will be used to unlock and access smart classrooms in the campus, smartbooks, quizzes, assignments, tests, and support.

    This Kit also includes a backpack, a water bottle, two Emversity-branded collared t-shirts, tablet sleeve, a premium diary, a premium pen, laptop stickers, badge, and an ‘stipend guarantee card’. Emversity reserves the right to change, modify the learner kit without any prior approval or notice.

University Degree (BVoc/BSc in Vocational Studies)

  • Can I pursue a bachelor’s degree along with the UG Program?

    Yes, you can pursue a bachelor’ degree along with the UG program. By doing this, you will get the best of both worlds. The UG Program will ensure you have access to the industry relevant curriculum, practical experience, and the opportunity to earn while you learn. On the other hand, our students will also have the opportunity to apply to a 3 year Bachelor of Vocation Degree from a partner university as per the jurisdiction. It's important to note that admission to the degree program is solely at the discretion of the partner. Students will have to complete all requirements as set by the university for the grant of the degree.

  • No. Emversity’s Bachelor’s Degree program curriculum is designed in a way that it is in sync with the ‘skill component’ of the B.Voc. degree. So there will be no additional work required for the program if you pursue it with the B.Voc. degree.

    Internship counts for the credit required to complete the degree, so there is no overlap with classes either.

    You are 1 step away to build your career in Allied Health Sciences!

    • 3 year BVoc versus 4 year traditional degrees: BVoc is a 3 year course - you complete your course and become employable sooner!
    • Based On New Education Policy 2020: Having started in 2013-24, BVoc has been around for over 10 years, and was specially mentioned in National Education Policy 2020 and strongly promoted by the Government.
    • UGC Approved: This degree is directly approved with University Grants commission and NSQF both
    • More Practical, Less Theory: BVoc has 60% Practical Experience Based learning and only 40% theory.
    • Education Loan: Government has mandated many banks with special schemes for providing Skill Education loan for NSQF based courses like BVoc
    • Highest Employability: As BVoc students come out of course with experience and they are never fresher, they tend to get easily placed in companies.
    • At par with traditional degrees for Government Exams and Jobs eligibility and pursuing Masters: After BVoc students can also appear for all state government and central government jobs and pursue master's degrees. There are very clear guidelines from UGC regarding this.
  • No. BVoc. is a ‘regular’ degree programme offered by traditional universities, and does not fall under the ambit of either ODL (Open and Distance Learning) or under the ambit of OL (‘Online Learning’), but are regular degrees.

  • The university has the sole discretion in offering admission, and Emversity as a service provider to the university, has no role to play in it.

    The University will also be responsible for all administrative works relating to registration, fulfilment of all conditions and conduct of examinations for the award of degrees. The university will also conduct the ‘General Component’ of the program.

  • To know the eligibility criteria for the degree program, visit the respective course pages here

    • When is the first batch starting?
      • Batch start dates vary based on courses. All relevant details are available in our course section.
    • Can I apply for future/upcoming batches now?
      • Yes, applications for upcoming batches are accepted.
    • How can I apply?
      • Apply online through our website's admissions portal. Or fill this form and the admissions team will contact you within 24 hours of successfully submitting your application.
    • Can a candidate leave the course in between (Due to any reason)?
      • If a candidate is unable to complete the degree they may leave in between. However, if they have completed the first year, then they are eligible to be awarded a diploma certificate. If they completed the 2nd year, then they are eligible for an advanced diploma.

Financing and Scholarships

  • Is financing available for the Emversity programs?

    We ensure no dream is hindered by financial barriers: That's why we offer easy financing options through banks and financial institutions ensuring that no student is left behind in their pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. To know more about these, contact our admissions team or call us at 8080804980

  • Scholarships are available based on merit, academic excellence, diversity and marks obtained through our scholarship test Emerge.

    • What is the syllabus of Emerge?
      • The syllabus includes topics of class 10th, like basic aptitude and general knowledge.
    • How can I prepare for Emerge?
      • Preparation materials are available on our website.
    • How many attempts can I give to crack Emerge?
      • Typically, two attempts are allowed. For more information, try contacting us What happens if I don't get selected in Emerge?
    • What happens if I don't get selected in Emerge?
      • Alternative pathways to admission may be available. Try reaching out to our admissions team or calling us at 8080804980
    • How can I reschedule my Emerge exam slot?
      • Rescheduling options are available through our website.
    • Should we take Emerge at home or at Emversity's dedicated offline Campus?
      • Emerge can be taken either online or at designated centres of Emversity. Although you may get additional discounts if you appear for Emerge at our designated offline centres. Visit Centre
    • I already appeared for the test. How can I check my score on the Emerge?
      • The admissions team will reach out within 24 hours and declare the test scores.
    • Can I give the scholarship test using my phone?
      • Yes, our scholarship test can be taken online from any device, anywhere