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Top Allied Health Science Courses for Commerce and Arts Students

Allied Health Science Courses are beneficial for gaining practical skills and developing a theoretical foundation of health sciences required to fulfill the rising demands of healthcare and allied health professions. A group of healthcare workers who offer a range of technical, diagnostic, support, and therapeutic services related to healthcare is called AHPs or Allied Health Professionals. This medical stream is different from medicine, pharmacy, optometry, and nursing. Are you planning to make a career in the field of Allied Health Sciences Programs? There are numerous Diploma and undergraduate courses available at Emversity for students who have completed 12th in Arts and Commerce Streams.

Top Paramedical Programs After 12th for Commerce and Arts Students

Below, we have mentioned a comprehensive list of Allied Health Sciences/ Paramedical Courses that you can choose after completing class 12th in Arts and Commerce.

1. Medical Laboratory Technology

The diploma in MLT is an undergraduate program for students who have an urge to work in a team of clinical laboratories. The responsibility of MLT diploma candidates is to collect samples of patients, such as tissue, blood, and fluids, which is a crucial step for medical assessment and treatment. The term MLT refers to clinical laboratory science in which experts examine chemicals and microorganisms in order to make decisions based on sample handling and collection. They also take care of the instruments used in labs and ensure that all the equipment is clean and organized. They focus on quality control, gathering patient data, producing results, and maintaining records appropriately.

2. Emergency and Trauma Care

Emergency situations require critical thinking and immediate action to save patients from the biggest risk or trauma. At Emversity, we understand the importance of proficient medical professionals who provide immediate aid in emergency departments and leverage their skills to provide critical care to individuals who experienced hazardous accidents. If you are planning to pursue a diploma in emergency medical technician, this course is the right option for you. Emversity has a dedicated team to help students learn about the human body and how it responds to stress and illnesses. You can learn the best way to provide emergency care and learn about the strategies to manage basic to complex trauma conditions. Our course is designed to help students become a master in cardiac care treatment and gives you endless support to grab an ideal position in the field of Allied Health Science.

3. Dialysis Technology

Now, it is easy to become a superhero in healthcare due to the availability of a diploma course or a bachelor's degree in dialysis technology at Emversity. General knowledge that you can earn on this platform is patient information collection with a major focus on their kidneys and urinary systems. When choosing a B.S.C in renal dialysis technology, it becomes effortless to discover the deep details about kidney diseases, including End-stage renal illness and chronic kidney disease that requires a quick treatment of dialysis. Get knowledge of dialysis machines and learn how it is used to identify patient critical signs that play a vital role in kidney failure. Emversity is the #1 school for Allied Health Sciences. Our dialysis technology course is designed to prepare students for dialysis treatments and procedures, and we ensure that you will acquire the essential skills to fulfill the requirements of your course goals.

4. Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology

Anaesthesia and operation theatre degree programs are best for students who want to attain technical skills and medical knowledge of the latest technologies that are used in surgical rooms. Our undergraduate program is up-to-date for people who have the courage to get specialized training from experts and are looking for a comprehensive understanding of surgical procedures. With our practical training, you will be able to work with a team of operation theatre technicians, provide active assistance to teams that are focusing on operations, and seek your support during anaesthesia and monitoring sterile equipment.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who wish to pursue the courses mentioned above included in the Allied Health Sciences should have good grades in the 12th Arts and Commerce Stream or any other stream. However, if you have a science stream, you are eligible for these courses, and you can consider the other diploma programs offered by Emversity. For example, Diploma in Medical Lab Technology, Bachelor of Dialysis Technology, Respiratory Therapist Course, and many more.

Duration of the Course

The duration for the top Allied Health Science Courses for Commerce and Arts Students is 3 years. In addition, students can get placement support, hands-on experience, and internship opportunities for 24 months.

Other Roles

• Consultant

Allied health science professionals can work as a consultancy and give advice or their best knowledge to companies and healthcare departments.

• Research

These experts can perform research on a patient's symptoms, build new ideas, and implement them into practice.

• Learning

Once qualified, you can deliver education courses in the field of healthcare and teach students about the concepts of Allied Health Sciences. You may find this blog helpful. You can share it with your peers to obtain training in paramedical courses after completing the 12th Arts, Commerce, and Science stream. If you need more information about our courses, you can contact us today. At Emversity, we are available 24/7 for our students who need career counselling and have a dream to become an expert in the field of medical lab technology, emergency and trauma care, anaesthesia and operation theatre technology, and dialysis technology

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