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Allied Healthcare in India: Understanding Challenges, Charting Solutions

In the vast landscape of healthcare, where doctors and nurses often take center stage, there exists a crucial yet often overlooked sector known as Allied Healthcare. This sector comprises a diverse array of professionals who play indispensable roles in patient care, diagnostics, and rehabilitation. However, despite their significance, Allied Healthcare Professionals (AHPs) face daunting challenges, increasing an already critical shortage in India's healthcare workforce.

Understanding the Allied Healthcare Landscape

Did you know that while doctors and nurses form a crucial part of the healthcare workforce, it is Allied Healthcare Professionals who make up the majority, accounting for a staggering 65%? This statistic underscores their vital role in ensuring the seamless functioning of healthcare systems. However, despite their pivotal contributions, India faces a severe shortage of AHPs, with only around 8-11 healthcare workers per 10,000 people, far below the WHO's recommended minimum of 44. This scarcity is particularly acute in rural areas and smaller cities, where access to healthcare services is already limited.

Identifying the Skill Gap

A recent report by NATHEALTH in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) sheds light on the critical skill gap plaguing India's Allied Health profession. The report reveals that India's Allied Health capacity remains significantly lower than many other economies, leading to an alarming unfulfilled demand of 30-40%. Moreover, the penetration of essential diagnostic tests, such as radio imaging, lags behind global standards, with India performing only 36 tests per 1,000 people compared to countries like Australia, which conduct 144 tests per 1,000 people. This glaring disparity underscores the urgent need for interventions to bridge the skill gap and enhance healthcare delivery.

Navigating the Challenges in Allied Healthcare Education

Despite the growing demand for Allied Health Professionals, several challenges hinder their education and training in India. Chief among these challenges is the lack of awareness among the school-going population regarding the diverse career opportunities within Allied Healthcare. Shockingly, only six percent of the target population is aware of these career paths, highlighting a critical need for increased awareness and outreach initiatives.

The Path Forward with Emversity

The critical shortage of Allied Healthcare professionals in India is a pressing concern that Emversity is committed to addressing head-on. Recognizing the urgent need for skilled AHPs, Emversity aims to be at the forefront of efforts to bridge the skill gap and ensure equitable access to quality healthcare services for all Indians.

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